Press Release

VS Technology release the VS-TLS(FR) series, Unlimited magnification combination telecentric lenses.

TOKYO – VS Technology Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the VS-TLS (FR) series. VST’s new concept lens can fit various optical magnification required by the customer by dividing the front lens and rear lens into two parts and multiplying them.
Environmentally friendly product design that enables reduction of costs incurred by specification changes after installation. To ensure performance in a variety of application environments, front and rear coupling structure, with unique locking ring configuration (X lock system) ensures lens accuracy and function ring that holds the lens allows adjustment of the holding plate and camera position.

・Maximum field of view of Φ80.7mm
・Fixed magnification from 0.136x to 1.000x in front and rear Combinations. Total of 20 different lineups
・Wide field of view, high resolution telecentricity
・Low distortion to the periphery

Applications that require a wide field of view and high resolution telecentricity includes precise inspection, measurement, and alignment.

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