Application Case Studies

Application Case Studies

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  • Radiator fin inspection

    Radiator fin inspection

    The increasing electrification of automobiles, construction machinery, and other equipment has led to significant changes in the components required. Small radiators and heat-dissipating fins are now installed to cool new heat sources. Bent or damaged fins can directly affect cooling performance, making it crucial to efficiently inspect the entire surface. Which lenses are best suited for efficiently inspecting large areas?

  • Crop growth monitoring (Phenotyping)

    Crop growth monitoring (Phenotyping)

    Phenotyping is observing and measuring the growth status of plants and the effects of the growing environment on them.
    It's used as the data to determine harvest timing and to breed disease-free crop varieties.
    What is the method to automate measurements that were traditionally determined by humans by looking and touching?

  • Automatic weeding machine/robot

    Automatic weeding machine/robot

    In agricultural automation, automation of weed removal is also being introduced.
    An outdoor agricultural robot automatically moves over a field, uses image processing to recognize unwanted weeds and sprays herbicides.
    What is the lens that achieved image recognition of weeds?

  • Imaging cracks inside the wafer

    Imaging cracks inside the wafer

    Implementing inspection of parts that cannot be imaged with visible light.
    Crack inspection inside silicon wafer edge after dicing.

  • Defect inspection of large displays

    Defect inspection of large displays

    What is the lens that achieves missing pixel defect inspection for large displays?

  • Barcode recognition at cash registers

    Barcode recognition at cash registers

    A lens is installed above the cash register to read product barcodes. It reduces the labor involved in lifting and lowering large and heavy products on the register table, which was a problem with conventional hand scanners. What kind of lens contributed to the efficiency of cash register operations?