VS-085 Series
  • Machine Vision Lenses/FA Lenses
  • Fixed Focal Length

VS-085 Series

Product Specs

  • 4.5μ
  • 3.5μ
  • 2.7μ
  • 2.2μ
  • 1.7μ
  • 1/4"
  • 1/3"
  • 1/2"
  • 1/1.8"
  • 2/3"
  • 1"
  • 1.1"
  • 4/3"
  • φ21
  • φ28.6
  • φ32
  • φ35
  • φ45
  • φ62
  • φ73
  • φ83
  • φ90

Fixed Focal Length Lenses with F/0.85 for High Speed Cameras

  • 4/3" sensor support
  • Fno 0.85 brightness
  • Design for high speed camera
  • Floating system ensure high performance at any magnification
  • Low distortion and high contrast
  • M42-Mount (Available in C-Mount/BTO)

What is F number?

F number defines the brightness of lens at infinity imaging.
Fno=Focal Length/ Diameter Entrance Pupil (Effective Aperture)
The maximum aperture indicates the brightness of the image that the lens creates on the image sensor: lenses with wider maximum apertures (lower minimum f-numbers) create a brighter image on the image sensor than lenses with small maximum apertures (higher minimum f-numbers). Lenses with wide maximum apertures are referred to as“ fast” lenses because they create a brighter image on the
image sensor, allowing faster shutter speeds.
VS-085 series allows faster shutter speeds and is capable for various applications which require brighter images. Including medical, bio and high speed motion analysis applications.

ModelFocal Length (mm) M.O.D (mm) Fno Mount Download , Request quotes/demos
VS-25085/M42 251700.85~16 M42 P=1.0Login
VS-25085/C 0.85C-Mount Login
VS-50085/M42 50240 0.85~16 M42 P=1.0Login
VS-50085/C 0.85C-Mount Login