• Ring Lighting

    Ring Lighting

    Achieved in one housing without compromising the features of three ring lights

  • Diffused Lighting

    Diffused Lighting

    High brightness, high uniformity, making unevenness difficult to see, ideal for printing inspection, etc.

  • Bar Lighting

    Bar Lighting

    Lighting that has a high degree of freedom in size and is easy to use regardless of the size or purpose of the work.

  • Coaxial Lighting

    Coaxial Lighting

    High-brightness type with miniaturization and shortWD compatible, all models are light leakage countermeasures

  • Spot Lighting

    Spot Lighting

    Optimized uniformity and light distribution characteristics for VST lens lighting

  • Surface Lighting

    Surface Lighting

    Compact design, high brightness and high uniformity, can be customized to any size at the same size

  • Collimated Lighting

    Collimated Lighting

    Spot illumination with high telecentricity is possible

  • Special Lightining for Lens Combination

    Special Lightining for Lens Combination

    Dedicated lighting designed for the challenges faced by each lens

  • Option


    Diffuser/Polarizer plate

  • Power/Controller/Cable


    Extension /External control Cable

VS Technology LED Lighting

  • Instruction Manual

    Instruction Manual

Other VST Lighting Brands

  • VAL-Lighting



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