Instruction Manual of “VS Technology” LED Lighting

To use VS Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Lighting products with optimum performance and safety, please read this manual thoroughly before starting the operation.
And please keep this manual for the whole of product lifetime.

The following warning symbols are used in this manual.
Be sure to fully understand the contents.

Regarding the label tag attached to the cable of product.

general_warning Please understand the contents written in the “Caution” section of this instruction manual before using this product.
laser Do not look at the light of high limen directly.
LED lighting does not have a quality of gathering light like a semiconductor laser, however, do not look at the light of high lumen directly or do not view the electric flashing light directly for a long time, Eye damage may occur.
surface_high_temperature Please do not touch it while it is on or immediately after it is turned off.
LED lighting becomes hot while it is on. Please be careful as touching it directly while it is on or immediately after it is turned off may cause burns.
Warning A warning denotes a hazard that can cause severe injury or death.
Caution A caution denotes a hazard that can cause injury or damage to equipment.

1. For your safety

1 Don’t look LED directly to avoid harmful LED light exposure.
Because LED radiation may cause corneal or retinal abnormalities if you look LED directly.
2 Don’t modify or disassemble products.
It may cause in fire or electric shock.
3 LED lighting unit generates high temperature.
Don’t touch the product immediately after turn off.
And be careful if you touch product during the operation.
In case you use LED lighting in closed space, should consider providing fan or other cooling system.
4 Don’t remove LED lighting from power supply or any connected equipment until turn off the power supply.
It may cause the damage of circuit board of the LED lighting unit.
5 Don’t touch LED lighting with wet hands, it may cause electric shock.
6 Don’t use LED lighting (standard model) in moisture or any liquid environment.
Exposure to water may result in fire, electric shock, or product failure.
7 Whenever incidents occur, such as smoke, smell, noise or abnormal heat, stop the operation immediately and turn off the power supply.
1 Using extension cables or external remote cables for LED lighting other than our cables may cause a drop in output due to a voltage drop in the lighting or malfunction due to noise.
2 Please make sure to check the external diagram of the LED lighting when using any external screws to secure the LED lighting in a specific position. Incorrect screw size or length may result in product failure.
3 Avoid dropping the product or subjecting it to impact. Doing so may cause the product to malfunction.
4 DO NOT touch the lenses of the LEDs or subject them to mechanical stress.
5 Dispose the products in accordance to the law in the region where the product is used.
6 Preventive measures against static electricity generation must be taken in advance to prevent static electricity from damaging the product.

2. General Description

This product is a LED lighting designed for Machine Vision and Industrial application.
Don’t use for the other applications and be sure following description before you start to use.

1 Don’t use in applications involving serious risk to life or property, particularly applications which is demanding high level of safety.
2 Don’t use in medical equipment, railroad systems, nuclear energy systems, aviation systems, vehicles, amusement systems etc.
3 Operating Environment
Temperature: 0 to 40 ℃, Humidity: 20 to 85 RH% (Without condensation)
4 Storage Environment
Temperature: -20 to 60 ℃, Humidity: 20 to 85 RH% (Without condensation)
5 Installation of the product.
a) Don’t place it on unstable or vibrational surfaces.
b) Don’t use in environment with high humidity, dust, high temperature or fire.
c) Keep liquids away.

3. Standards for RoHS directive – compliant products.

(Cr VI)

4. Warranty

For VS Technology LED Lighting products only.

Warranty Period The warranty period for LED lighting products is two years from the date of product delivery.
However, the warranty for LED irradiance and illuminance is one year.
(at least 50% of the original shipment value)
Warranty coverage In the unlikely event of a defect or malfunction arising from the product itself under normal use within the warranty period, VS Technology Co., Ltd. will, in good faith, replace or repair the defective parts free of charge.
However, the following malfunctions are not covered by the warranty, even within the warranty period.
○Products not marked with a bending-resistant cable are not guaranteed when handled in sliding motion.
Please fix the cable with a bending radius of 30 mm or more.For use outside the above specification, please contact our sales office.
○ Malfunction or damage caused by conditions, environment, handling, or use of the product other than those described in the instruction manual and specifications.
○ Defects or damages caused by changes in structure, performance, specifications, etc. made by the customer after the date of delivery of the product.
○ Defects or damage caused by use of the product for purposes other than those for which it was designed.
○ Malfunctions and damage caused by wind and sea water, gas, earthquake, flood, fire, lightning, collision, or other natural or human-caused damage and malfunctions.
Abandonment VS Technology Co., Ltd. shall not be liable for incidental damages (e.g., business related expenses, business interruption).
≪NOTICE≫ If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact VS Technology Co., Ltd.
For repair or after-sales service, please contact the VS Technology Co., Ltd. office or the sales representative where you purchased the product.
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