Company VS Technology Corporation

1-9-19 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0041, Japan

TEL +81-3-3560-6668
FAX +81-3-3560-6669
Establishment December,1997
Capital ¥50 million
CEO Kazuari Iwata
Accounting Term December
Business Outline Developing, designing and manufacturing optical lenses, optical components and lighting system.


January 1998 VS Technology Corp. was established in Akasaka, Tokyo with a capital of ¥42 million capital.
April 2000 Capital increased to ¥50 million.
January 2003 The Ichikawa Technical Center was opened for the purpose of Quality Control (QC), Logistics and Technical Management. Primal Sense Ltd. was established in Kyoto as western Japan’s office branch.
July 2004 The Company headquarters was moved to Azabudai, Tokyo.
January 2005 Primal Sense Ltd. Became a Joint-stock Company as “Primal Sense Corp” with an increase in capital of ¥10 million.
September 2005 VST’s web site “” was redesigned.
April 2006 The Fukuoka Office was opened to support the Kyushu Area.
November 2006 The Ichikawa Technical Center was moved to Motoyawata to further develop Quality Control (QC), Logistics and Technical Management. Test equipment was also upgraded.
January 2007 The Kitakata Workshop (Previously in the Ichikawa Technical Center) started as the base for manufacturing experimental products.
March 2007 The Fufuoka office moved to other floor in same building to build up test room for evaluation.
October 2007 The Nagoya Office of Primal Sense Corp, was established for the customer service of the Tokai region. The VST website was updated and redesigned.
November 2008 The VS Optics Corporation was established.
December 2008 BA2 SYSTEM Corp. (Kawajima City, Hiki District, Saitama Area) was established as VST’s R&D center.
January 2009 Tokyo Headquarters was expanded to include a new testing room on the first floor.
May 2009 We partnered with U-Technology to expand sales and enhance customer service.
July 2009 OptiRom was established in Hong Kong to expand sales and enhance customer service in China.
March 2010 Capital was invested into the CEBU NISCO CORPORATION located in the Philippines to refine the Lens polishing/coating production process.
July 2010 VS Management Corporation was established in Ichikawa, Chiba to manage human resource, general administration, and public relations for VS Technology groups. The Warehouse/Logistics department was moved to the U Technology Corporation, Zaou Plant facility; VS Technology Logistics was established.
August 2010 The distribution of 2010 English Catalog began. VST EUROPE AG was established in Zurich, Switzerland to improve customer service for the European area.
March 2011 VS ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED was started in Hong Kong for importing/exporting operations.
May 2011 The Shanghai Technical Office was established; it began offering technical services in the East China area.
July 2011 The Bangkok Technical Office was established; it began offering technical services in Thailand.
April 2012 The VS West Japan Corporation was established to strengthen customer service relations in South Korea, Kyushu and Chugoku areas in Japan.
April 2012 VST America Inc. was established to strengthen customer service relations in North/South America.
December 2012 Yamano Optics Co., Ltd. became part of the VS Technology Corporation.
February 2013 VST Europe B.V. was established to offer new customer service in Netherlands.
July 2014 The BA2 Corporation is closed and Saitama Technical Office is launched.
January 2015 The India Technical Office was established for the purpose of conducting market research in India.
February 2015 The VST Taiwan Ltd, Hsinchu Office was established to strengthen the support in the area.
April 2015 VST Korea LTD. was established to provide strong support in South Korea.
October 2015 The Shanghai Technical Office was fully integrated with the Hong Kong Office.
November 2015 VST America’s San Francisco Office was fully integrated with the Chicago Office.
February 2016 VS Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established.
March 2016 Established NASU Technical Office.
June 2016 Established Saitama Opt Lab. Office.
December 2016 Established VST Rus LLC.
January 2017 VST Taiwan has moved to a new office and a new office in Kaohsiung has been established.
March 2017 Established VS Technology Poland Sp.z o.o.
June 2017 Established VS Technology Technical Center.
April 2018 “Yamano Kogaku” was closed and became “VS Technology Sagamihara Factory”.
June 2018 VS Technology(Thailand) Co., Ltd. has established its representative office in Hanoi
July 2018 VST MEXICO S.A. DE C.V. was established to support more speedy and detailed for users in Mexico and Latin America.
September 2018 Sagamihara office was relocating to the new address and rename to Minami Tama factory.
November 2018 VST Lighting Ltd. was established. It is subsidiary company of VST Taiwan Ltd.
January 2019 VST(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd was established. The sales of OptiRom Technology (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd. is transferred to the new company.
February 2019 VST MEXICO S.A. DE C.V. relocated our base to Guadalajara and commenced activities.
April 2019 Primal sense established Fukuoka Office to provide technical support to customers and to strengthen quality services in the Kyushu and Chugoku regions.
April 2019 Established VS Optics Suwa Satellite Office.
July 2019 VS Technology established Sagamihara logisticson to provide products with shorter delivery time and high quality services for Japan and Overseas markets.
August 2020 VST TAIWAN LTD. Kaohshiung Office has merged its operations with Hsinchu Office.
January 2021 VST Lighting Ltd. will merge with its parent company VST Taiwan Ltd.
March 2021 Established VST America Inc. Dallas Office.
August 2021 Established VS Technology Yokohama Office.