Machine Vision Lenses/FA Lenses

Machine Vision Lenses/FA Lenses

  • Fixed Focal Length

    Fixed Focal Length

    VS Technology's Fixed Focal Length lens lineup consists of bright, compact, high resolution, and megapixel lenses for Vision System and Machine Vision.

  • Macro


    VS Technology's macro lenses are designed for use in the close-range environment, and there is a broad lineup of lenses in various sensor sizes, vibration-resistant designs, distortion-free designs, and lenses for small cameras.

  • Telecentric


    VS Technology's telecentric lenses are available in a wide range of optical magnification and WD to meet the needs of various applications, including various sensor sizes, distortionless designs, large sensors, and high resolution camera compatibility.

  • Accessories


    VS Technology develops various optical components such as, co-axial illumination adapter, prism units, dust filters, and designed specifically for our lenses.