Notice of discontinuation of SV-PL, SV-PLSS series production(※13 November Update)

Dear our valued and respected customers,
Regarding the “Notice of discontinuation of SV-PL, SV-PLSS series production” that was recently announced, we are sorry to inform you all that there was a mistake in theannouncement.
Amendment is made accordingly, kindly find below for the correction details.
Please accept our sincere apologies for the confusion and inconvenience that may have caused you all.


Dear our valued and respected customers,
With this letter, we regret to inform you that our company has made the decision to discontinue the production of filter products under SV-PL, SV-PLSS series.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we would like to provide you with the following details regarding this decision.

【Reason for discontinuation】
Due to the rising materials and labor cost since the year before last, the cost of production has been increased significantly. In addition, we are also being informed that the supply of some of the models is going to suspended.
As a result, we have come to the conclusion that the continuance of production of these impacted model will be unfeasible, therefore we have decided that the production of the below series will be discontinued by the end of 2023.

【End of Life Products】
※ Please refer to the list on the next URL

【Discontinuation Date】
End of December 2023
(will be end of life as soon as our stock runs out)

【Replacement Models】
SV-PLA Series

Kindly find the list of products that will be discontinued as of December 31st, 2023. and their relative replacement models in the next page.

Notice of discontinuation of SV-PL, SV-PLSS series production