Press Release

VS-Technology releases the VS-HX series, 8K Resolution Large Format Fixed Focal Length Lens

TOKYO – VS-Technology Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the VS-HX series 8K Resolution Large Format Fixed Focal Length Lens. This new series supports Image circles up to φ32mm and 2.74um pixel resolution for enhanced clarity compared to conventional models. This lens series is designed for the demands of high-speed and high-resolution applications that require high-quality images. By taking advantage of the compact and light weight design the installation of a vision system into limited spaces can be enabled.

VS-HX series Lineup

・Image circle φ32mm              
・Compact design and light weight (approx. 500g or less)
・Less distortion and flare
・Select mount adapters are available

Applications that require high-speed and high resolution include aerial and stadium applications.

Press Release

ModelFocal lengthFnoOptical mag.Image circle
VS-HX353535mm3.5~∞~0.1xφ 32
VS-HX503550mm3.5~∞~0.1xφ 32
VS-HX753575mm3.5~∞~0.1xφ 32

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