VL-TLN series
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VL-TLN series

Product Specs

Telecentric Lighting/Collimated Light

  • Suitable for High-accuracy measurement.
  • Improve the DOF of image with Telecentric lens for camera side.
  • Enables to get the image with high-level edge contrast.
  • Suitable application is, Metal parts / Medical equipment / Electronics etc.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • *Holder parts is an optional product, is not in a standard package.

Sample image comparison between VL-TLN and general back light.

Easy to find the difference in following images. Telecentric light and lens combination enables to get the image which has high-level contrast in entire field of view without light reflection.

Recommended Controller for VL-TLN series.



Model No.ColorLighting Area dia. (mm)Power Consumption (Max.)Download , Request quotes/demos
VL-TLN30RRed30700mA / 2.1VLogin
VL-TLN30WWhite30700mA / 3.2VLogin
VL-TLN30BBlue30700mA / 3.2VLogin
VL-TLN30GGreen30700mA / 3.2VLogin
VL-TLN60RRed60700mA / 2.1VLogin
VL-TLN60WWhite60700mA / 3.2VLogin
VL-TLN60BBlue60700mA / 3.2VLogin
VL-TLN60GGreen60700mA / 3.2VLogin
VL-TLN100RRed100700mA / 2.1VLogin
VL-TLN100WWhite100700mA / 3.2VLogin
VL-TLN100BBlue 100700mA / 3.2VLogin
VL-TLN100GGreen100700mA / 3.2VLogin
VL-TLN150RRed150700mA / 2.1VLogin
VL-TLN150WWhite150700mA / 3.2VLogin
VL-TLN150BBlue150700mA / 3.2VLogin
VL-TLN150GGreen150700mA / 3.2VLogin

Optional Resistor Box for TLN Series

Model No.ForConnector (Power supply side)Download , Request quotes/demos
RB240724V Power Supply3P / SMR-03V-BLogin
RB120712V Power supply2P / SMR-02V-BLogin

Optional Adapter

Model No.Suitable Lighting UnitDownload , Request quotes/demos

Optional Mirror Unit

Model No.Suitable Lighting UnitDownload , Request quotes/demos
RAU-TL30-M1Right Angle Mirror Unit For TLN30Login
CAU-TL30-M1Co-axial Mirror Unit for TLN30Login