VL-T-LRD series
  • Lighting
  • Trident Light (Built-in function)

VL-T-LRD series

Product Specs

Trident Low Angle Ring Diffused Light

  • Light evenly spread out onto the object surface.
  • Built-in over drive function. (Duration max. 20mS, duty cycle 10%).
  • Built-in brightness control function.
  • Trigger input is available for both PNP / NPN.
  • T-Slot design.
  • RoHS compliant.


Trident series require total 4pin connection to turn on the light.

Over drive mode will be activated when input 0V to Pin No.5.



Model No.ColorInternal Ring dia. (mm)External Ring dia. (mm)Operating VoltageOperating Current (Continuous Mode / Strobe Mode)ConnectorDownload , Request quotes/demos
VL-T-LRD4577R-1Red4577DC24V0.4A / 1.0AM12 (5Pin Male)Login
VL-T-LRD4577W-1White4577DC24V0.35A / 1.0AM12 (5Pin Male)Login
VL-T-LRD116166R-1Red116166DC24V0.65A / 1.0AM12 (5Pin Male)Login
VL-T-LRD116166W-1White116166DC24V0.65A / 1.0AM12 (5Pin Male)Login