VL-FRD series
  • Lighting
  • Ring Light

VL-FRD series

Product Specs

Flat Ring Diffused Light

  • Ultra Slim design for space constrained application.
  • Suitable for large FOV (field of view).
  • Diffuser plate is attached as a standard package.
  • RoHS compliant.

Sample image comparison between VL-FRD and VL-DR.

These 2image captured at same lighting working distance. VL-FRD image (left side) is more better contrast in this sample object.


Model No.ColorInternal Ring dia. (mm)External Ring dia. (mm)Power Consumption (Max.)DownloadRequestSelect
VL-FRD116170RRed11617024V / 1.6WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-FRD116170WWhite11617024V / 4.5WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-FRD116170BBlue11617024V / 4.0WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-FRD166220RRed16622024V / 1.9WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-FRD166220WWhite16622024V / 5.8WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-FRD166220BBlue16622024v / 4.7WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-FRD266320RRed26632024V / 2.4WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-FRD266320WWhite26632024V / 7.1WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-FRD266320BBlue26632024V / 6.5WLoginQuote/Demo

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