VL-EXC series
  • Lighting
  • Co-Axial Light

VL-EXC series

Product Specs

External Co-axial Box Light

  • Uniform illumination on flat surfaces.
  • Suitable for surface inspection.
  • RoHS compliant.

Sample Image of VL-EXC


Model No.ColorDimension of Aperture Area (mm)Power Consumption (Max.)DownloadRequestSelect
VL-EXC3128RRed31 x 2824V / 1.7WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-EXC3128WWhite31 x 2824V / 3.0WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-EXC3128BBlue31 x 2824V / 4.8WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-EXC5050RRed50 x 5024V / 2.3WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-EXC5050WWhite50 x 5024V / 4.3WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-EXC5050BBlue50 x 5024V / 4.6WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-EXC5050GGreen50 x 5024V / 5.4WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-EXC7570R-1Red75 x 7024V / 7.2WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-EXC7570W-1White75 x 7024V / 13.2WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-EXC7570B-1Blue75 x 7024V / 12.1WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-EXC100100RRed100 x 10024V / 8.7WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-EXC100100WWhite100 x 10024V / 17.0WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-EXC100100BBlue100 x 10024V / 18.3WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-EXC130130RRed130 x 13024V / 13.9WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-EXC130130WWhite130 x 13024V / 27.9WLoginQuote/Demo
VL-EXC130130BBlue130 x 13024V / 29.8WLoginQuote/Demo

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