VL-A01-1 series
  • Lighting
  • Bar Light

VL-A01-1 series

Product Specs

Area Light

  • Direct 24V in design.
  • Built-in overdrive mode.
  • Require trigger input to turn on the light.
  • Compact size & light weight.
  • M12 (5Pin) connector.
  • RoHS compliant


VL-A01W-1 can't use with VLP series (power supply) or VLC series (controller)
because it require trigger input to one of M12 connector pin to turn on the right. However, this design is quite useful for smart camera since it's available to connect directly and the light will be operated by trigger signal from the camera if pin assignment is suitable for our design. Additionally, this lighting will switch operation mode from strobe to continuous automatically depends on trigger signal. Strobe mode will occur when trigger is less than 5mS, If trigger is longer than 5mS the light will be continuous mode with lower brightness.


Optional M12 connector cable.


Model No.ColorLighting Area (mm)Input VoltageInput CurrentIntensity ControlConnectorDownloadRequestSelect
VL-A01W-1White50 x 70DC 24VMax. 0.5A (Strobe Mode)Analog 0-10VM12 (5Pin) Male ConnectorLoginQuote/Demo
VL-A01W-E1White50 x 70DC 24VMax. 0.5A (Strobe Mode)Analog 0-10VM12 (5Pin) Male ConnectorLoginQuote/Demo

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