UV Series
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UV Series

Product Specs

Ultraviolet LED Light

  • Suitable for inspection with diffusive UV Light
  • Ideal for excitation fluorescence application
  • RoHS Compliant

Sample image


Model No.ColorType (mm)Power Consumption (Max)Download , Request quotes/demos
VL-CSH07UV365UV365Spot dia.5.5700mA / 2.8VLogin
VL-DR2850UV365UV365Ring ID28 / OD5024V / 3.4WLogin
VL-DR5090UV365UV365Ring ID50 / OD9024V / 4.8WLogin
VL-LR4874UV365UV365Ring ID48 / OD7424V / 6.5WLogin
VL-LR3257UV365-1UV365Ring ID32 / OD5724V / 4.3WLogin
VL-LR68100UV365UV365Ring ID68 / OD10024V / 10.3WLogin
VL-B08020UV365UV365Bar 80 x 2024V / 3.4WLogin
VL-G2B1-30030UV365UV365Bar 300 x 3024V / 26.7WLogin
VL-EXC5050UV365UV365Co axial box 50 x 5024V / 3.6WLogin


Model No.ColorType(mm)Power Consumption (Max)Download , Request quotes/demos
VL-AB15030UV395-1UV395Bar 150 x 3024V / 10.0WLogin
VL-AB45030UV395-1UV395Bar 450 x 3024V / 27.8WLogin
VL-ADS1010UV395UV395Square 100 x 10024V / 15.0WLogin
VL-B05015UV395UV395Bar 50 x 1524V / 2.6WLogin
VL-B10015UV395UV395Bar 100 x 1524V / 5.1WLogin
VL-B10030UV395UV395Bar 100 x 3024V / 9.5WLogin
VL-B11055UV395UV395Bar 110 x 5524V / 15.4WLogin
VL-B30015UV395UV395Bar 300 x 1524V / 15.3WLogin
VL-B30030UV395UV395Bar 300 x 3024V / 27.6WLogin
VL-DR3066UV395UV395Ring ID30 / OD6624V / 5.1WLogin
VL-DR5090UV395UV395Ring ID50 / OD9024V / 8.5WLogin
VL-DB0505UV395UV395Back 50 x 5024V / 4.3WLogin
VL-FR50120UV395UV395Flat ring ID50 / OD12024V / 14.3WLogin
VL-LB3-300UV395UV395Line 30024V / 28.1WLogin


-Never look directly at our tough ultraviolet light source.

- Do not look at the radiating surface of the light unit directly while it is turn on. Also do not turn it towards others.

-During the operation, always wear protective UV glasses and be sure not to let any UV light enter your eyes.

-During the operation, please wear long sleeves and gloves and do not expose your skin to the UV light.

-Make sure that everyone in the vicinity of the light unit is aware of the dangers of UV light LEDs.