Segment Light Series
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Segment Light Series

Product Specs

Segment Light Series

  • Suitable for surface inspection
  • Reduce the unnecessary reflection in the image
  • Available for customization
  • RoHS Compliant


Model No.ColorInternal Ring dia. (Mm)External Ring dia. (Mm)SegmentPower Consumption (Max)ConnectorDownload , Request quotes/demos
VL-LRDH116166W-S4M12White116166424V / 18.0W (4CH total)1 x M12 (5Pin Male)Login
VL-DRN3066R-S43PRed3066424V / 2.5W (4CH total)4 x 3Pin (Male)Login
VL-RD44123R-S43PRed44123424V / 5.3W (4CH total)4 x 3Pin (Male)Login
VL-RD44123W-S43PWhite44123424V / 8.7W (4CH total)4 x 3Pin (Male)Login
VL-SQD120B-S43PBlue120120424V / 8.4W (4CH total)4 x 3Pin (Male)Login

Optional Cables for Segment Light

Model No.Length(m)Connector side AConnector side BDownload , Request quotes/demos
VL-ECM12F-2-4B3PM2M12 5 Pin Female4-3Pin Male Login
EXCB-1I4O-L1.7Open Wire9 Pin MaleLogin