List of products with theme “Large sensors”

  • VS-HX Series

    VS-HX Series

    8K Resolution Large Format Fixed Focal Length Lens Image Circle Φ32mm

  • VS-TCM Series (Large Format)

    VS-TCM Series (Large Format)

    Designed for more than 1.1" large format sensors and high resolution cameras.

  • VS-L(F) Series

    VS-L(F) Series

    Line Scan lenses Large Format lenses Focal Length 18mm-185mm, 11 models F-mount.

  • VS-L(V) Series

    VS-L(V) Series

    8K, 12K & 16K Line Scan Macro Lenses Specially designed for large sensors up to 90mm long

  • VS-LTC Series

    VS-LTC Series

    Line Scan Telecentric Lenses Image Circle Φ21-Φ45. All F mount models