VS-L(V) Series
  • NEW
  • Machine Vision Lenses
  • Large Format / Line Scan

VS-L(V) Series

Product Specs

  • NEW
  • 1/4"
  • 1/3"
  • 1/2"
  • 1/1.8"
  • 2/3"
  • 1"
  • 1.1"
  • 4/3"
  • φ21
  • φ28.6
  • φ32
  • φ35
  • φ45
  • φ62
  • φ73
  • φ83
  • φ90

8K, 12K & 16K Line Scan Macro Lenses

  • The VS-L(V) series is especially designed for large sensors up to 90mm in length, With integrated vibration resistance, a large selection of various mount adapters, high resolution, and high contrast it is an exceptionally excellent choice for any line scan application.
  • Up to 90mm sensors
  • 13 models available
  • Up to 2K, 12K, & 16K
  • Distortionless
  • Select mount adaptors are available (M42,TFL,M58 and more)

Line Up

*Accurate sensor size may be slightly different depends on the camera manufacturer.

ModelFocal Length(mm)Opti. Mag. RangeWorking F/#Camera MountImage CircleDownload , Request quotes/demos
VS-L5045FL/M72S52.5(∞)0.03x~0.15x4.7-5.3M72 P=0.75Φ75Login
VS-L7528/M72-31.875(∞)0.05x~0.2x3.0-3.4M72 P=0.75Φ73Login
VS-L8528LM/M72850.05x - 0.2x2.9-3.4M72 P=0.75Φ62Login
VS-L8528/M72850.05x - 0.25x2.96-3.52M72 P=0.75Φ62Login
VS-L12056-03/V1200.225x - 0.375x6.9-7.7V-MounttΦ90Login
VS-L12056-05/V1200.375x - 0.625x7.7-9.1V-MounΦ90Login
VS-L12056-075/V1200.625x - 0.875x10.3-11.7V-MountΦ90Login
VS-L12056-1/V1200.875x - 1.125x10.3-11.7V-MountΦ90Login
VS-L12035-05/V1200.45x - 0.55x5.1-5.4V-MountΦ90Login
VS-L12035-075/V1200.7x - 0.8x6.0-6.3V-MountΦ90Login
VS-L12035-1/V1200.9x - 1.1x12.1M67 P=0.75Φ90Login
VS-L12040-2/M67S1202.0x12.1M67 P=0.75Φ90Login
VS-L12040-2.5/M67S1202.5×13.7M67 P=0.75Φ90Login
VS-L12028-3.3/M67S1203.3×12.6M67 P=0.75Φ90Login
VS-L12025-5/M67S1205.0×15.0M67 P=0.75Φ86.4Login

V Mount Adapter Accessories

ModelProductDownload , Request quotes/demos
VS-LH/VLens holderLogin
VS-LH/V2Lens holderLogin
VS-FR20Focus RingLogin
VS-FR32Focus RingLogin
VS-FR20-53V/M72Focus RingLogin
VS-FR32-53V/M72Focus RingLogin
VS-EXR35/M72Extension TubeLogin
VS-EXR65/M72Extension TubeLogin
VS-MT-FB6.56FB Conversion AdapterLogin
VS-MT-FB9.4FB Conversion AdapterLogin
VS-MT-FB12.0FB Conversion AdapterLogin
VS-MT-FB19.55FB Conversion AdapterLogin

F Mount Adapter Accessories

ModelProductDownload , Request quotes/demos
VS-FR15-38V/M52Focus RingLogin
VS-FR15-40V/M52Focus RingLogin
VS-FR44-38V/M52 Focus RingLogin
VS-EXR5/M52 Extention TubeLogin
VS-EXR10/M52 Extention TubeLogin
VS-EXR30/M52Extention TubeLogin
VS-EXR4.4/FExtention TubeLogin