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  • 1/4"
  • 1/3"
  • 1/2"
  • 1/1.8"
  • 2/3"
  • 1"
  • 1.1"
  • 4/3"
  • φ21
  • φ28.6
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  • φ45
  • φ62
  • φ73
  • φ83
  • φ90

Wide range of standard filters for various imaging applications.

SV-ND Series

Neutral density filter
Designed to reduce the brightness without changing illumination wavelength

SV-R Series

Red filter
To improve image contrast, while adjusting red wavelength to peak performance

SV-G533 Series

Green filter
Adjust the transmittance peak to the center point of visible light

SV-B440 Series

Blue filter
Adjust peak transmittance point to blue

SV-UV330 Series

UV transmissionfilter
Transmit UV and cut the visible light

SV-IR Series

IR cut off filter
To block Infrared and transmit the visible light

SV-VC Series

Visible light cut filter
To block visible light and transmit Near Infrared

SV Series Filters

ModelSpecificationFilter threadDownloadRequestSelect
SV-ND50-270Neutral Density Filter (50% transmittance)M27 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-ND25-270Neutral Density Filter (25% transmittance)M27 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-ND12-270Neutral Density Filter (12.5% transmittance)M27 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-ND50-[][][]Neutral Density Filter (50% transmittance) for specific filter threadM[][][] P[]LoginQuote/Demo
SV-ND25-[][][]Neutral Density Filter (25% transmittance) for specific filter threadM[][][] P[]LoginQuote/Demo
SV-ND12-[][][]Neutral Density Filter (12.5% transmittance) for specific filter threadM[][][] P[]LoginQuote/Demo
SV-R60-255Contras FilterM25.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-R60-270Contras FilterM27 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-R60-305Contras FilterM30.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-R60-[][][]Contras Filter for specific filter threadM[][][] P[]LoginQuote/Demo
SV-R64-255Contras FilterM25.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-R64-270Contras FilterM27 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-R64-305Contras FilterM30.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-R64-[][][]Contras Filter for specific filter threadM[][][] P[]LoginQuote/Demo
SV-G533-255Green Filter at 533nmM25.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-G533-270Green Filter at 533nmM27 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-G533-305Green Filter at 533nmM30.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-G533-[][][]Green Filter for specific filter thread at 533nmM[][][] P[]LoginQuote/Demo
SV-B440-255Blue Filter at 440nmM25.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-B440-270Blue Filter at 440nmM27 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-B440-305Blue Filter at 440nmM30.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-B440-[][][]Blue Filter for specific filter thread at 440nmM[][][] P[]LoginQuote/Demo
SV-UV330-255UV Pass Filter at 330nmM25.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-UV330-270UV Pass Filter at 330nmM27 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-UV330-305UV Pass Filter at 330nmM30.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-UV330-[][][]UV Pass Filter at 330nmM[][][] P[]LoginQuote/Demo
SV-IR255IR cut Filter from 700nmM25.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-IR270IR cut Filter from 700nmM27 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-IR305IR cut Filter from 700nmM30.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-IR[][][]IR cut Filter from 700nmM[][][] P[]LoginQuote/Demo
SV-VC700-255Visible wavelength cut filter up to 700nmM25.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-VC700-270Visible wavelength cut filter up to 700nmM27 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-VC700-305Visible wavelength cut filter up to 700nmM30.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-VC700-[][][]Visible wavelength cut filter up to 700nmM[][][] P[]LoginQuote/Demo
SV-VC800-255Visible wavelength cut filter up to 800nmM25.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-VC800-270Visible wavelength cut filter up to 800nmM27 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-VC800-305Visible wavelength cut filter up to 800nmM30.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-VC800-[][][]Visible wavelength cut filter up to 800nmM[][][] P[]LoginQuote/Demo

Rotary with Lock Screw Filters

ModelFilter threadDownloadRequestSelect
SV-PL255SSM25.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-PL270SSM27.0 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-PL305SSM30.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo

Rotary Polarized Filters

ModelSpecificationFilter threadDownloadRequestSelect
SV-PL225 Polarizing Filter (rotary model)M22.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-PL255Polarizing Filter (rotary model)M25.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-PL270Polarizing Filter (rotary model)M27 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-PL305Polarizing Filter (rotary model)M30.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-PL340Polarizing Filter (rotary model)M34 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-PL355Polarizing Filter (rotary model)M35.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-PL375Polarizing Filter (rotary model)M37.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-PL430Polarizing Filter (rotary model)M43 P0.75LoginQuote/Demo
SV-PL460Polarizing Filter (rotary model)M46 P0.75LoginQuote/Demo
SV-PL[][][]Polarizing Filter (rotary model) for specific filter threadM[][][] P[]LoginQuote/Demo

Protection Cover Filters

ModelSpecificationFilter threadDownloadRequestSelect
SV-GA225UV-cut lens protectionM22.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-GA255UV-cut lens protectionM25.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-GA270UV-cut lens protectionM27 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-GA305UV-cut lens protectionM30.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-GA340UV-cut lens protectionM34 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-GA355UV-cut lens protectionM35.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-GA375UV-cut lens protectionM37.5 P0.5LoginQuote/Demo
SV-GA430UV-cut lens protectionM43 P0.75LoginQuote/Demo
SV-GA460UV-cut lens protectionM46 P0.75LoginQuote/Demo

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