Our Philosophy

Here at VST, we believe that it's important to have a "go for it" attitude and try to catch the good waves of fortune in our lives. We specialize in developing and designing optical components in order to provide expert solutions for machine vision systems. Our client's trust and satisfaction inspirits our strive for continuous improvement.


Our professional sales team strives to provide high quality regional services in response to our client’s needs. We are proud of our highly skilled technical personnel who are dedicated to developing top of the line products and reducing the processing time that it takes to go from designing a prototype to manufacturing a finished device. Our company’s dedicated project team’s focus is to reduce decision-making time while creating the best quality development initiatives for customers.


VS Technology has 9 offices in Japan and 15 offices in the US, EU, South East Asia and East Asia in order to deliver fast technical customer service as well as logistics.


Our specialists are dedicated to developing more than 50 types of custom optical lenses as well as continuously adapting our lenses to fit our client's needs with our global quality assurance.

Custom Product Introduction Process

In order to decrease the processing time between Planning, Selection, Verification, Quotation and Introduction, our organization uses dedicated Project Teams that interact directly with the customers.

Solution Theme

We offer a combination of lenses and lighting solutions in order to meet the needs of our clients. We are always capable of OEM and customized products.