VL-HR 系列
  • 光源
  • Ring Light

VL-HR 系列


Horizontal Ring Light

  • Suitable for the detection and small convex and concave defects on surface.
  • Ideal to emphasize the edge-crack.
  • RoHS compliant.

Sample Image


Model No.ColorInternal Ring dia. (mm).External Ring dia. (mm)Power Consumption (Max.)Download , Request quotes/demos
VL-HR4675RRed467524V / 1.6WLogin
VL-HR4675WWhite467524V / 2.6WLogin
VL-HR4675BBlue467524V / 2.7WLogin
VL-HR110146RRed11014624V / 3.1WLogin
VL-HR110146WWhite11014624V / 5.0WLogin
VL-HR110146BBlue11014624V / 5.6WLogin