VL-AB-1 系列
  • 光源
  • Bar Light

VL-AB-1 系列


Advanced Bar Light

  • Suitable for long WD (>150mm).
  • Suitable for large FOV.
  • Compact design and light weight.
  • Require PWM control to adjust brightness.
  • M12 connector design. *except RGB model.
  • RoHS compliant.

Technical Data


Model No.ColorDimension of lighting area (mm)Power Consumption (Max.)OtherDownload , Request quotes/demos
VL-AB15030R-1Red150 x 3024V / 9.2WM12 connectorLogin
VL-AB15030W-1White150 x 3024V / 9.2WM12 connectorLogin
VL-AB30030R-1Red300 x 3024V / 18.5WM12 connectorLogin
VL-AB30030W-1White300 x 3024V / 18.5WM12 connectorLogin
VL-AB45030R-1Red450 x 3024V / 27.7WM12 connectorLogin
VL-AB45030W-1White450 x 3024V / 27.7WM12 connectorLogin
VL-AB75030R-1Red750 x3024V / 46.2WM12 connectorLogin
VL-AB75030W-1White750 x 3024V / 46.2WM12 connectorLogin
VL-AB15030RGB-E2NRGB (3CH Control)150 x 3024V / 16.5W 3Pin connector x 3Login
VL-AB30030RGB-E2NRGB (3CH control)300 x 3024V / 33.0W3Pin connector x 3Login