VS-SWIR Series 

Machine Vision design for visible and infrared wavelength

The VS-SWIR series were designed especially for varying wavelength spectrums. Applications utilizing IR are able to do see or omit certain aspects of the objects that are being inspected. The lenses in this lineup allow for just that, as well as being compact and low in distortion.

  • 1/2" - 1" sensor support
  • Visible & IR design
  • Compact design
  • Low Distortion

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Visible lens + Visible lighting

IR lens + IR lighting

ModelFocal Length (mm)FNOVxHSensor Size (max.)MOD with out ext. ring(mm)DownloadRequest
VS-0614V-IR61.4 - (C)43.4x56.6(1/2")1/2"200-∞LoginQuote/Demo
VS-0813V-IR81.3 - (C)49.0x57.2(2/3")2/3"200-∞LoginQuote/Demo
VS-1214V-IR121.4 - (C)21.9x29.1(1/2")1/2"300-∞LoginQuote/Demo
VS-1614V-IR161.4 - (C)24.6x28.9(2/3")2/3"400-∞LoginQuote/Demo
VS-2514V-IR251.4 - (C)16.1x19.0(2/3")1"500-∞LoginQuote/Demo
VS-3518V-IR351.8 - (C)11.7x13.8(2/3")2/3"300-∞LoginQuote/Demo
VS-5018V-IR501.8 - (C)8.5x10.0(2/3")2/3"1000-∞LoginQuote/Demo