VS-LLD Series 

4/3” High Resolution Distortionless Macro Lenses

The VS-LLD series' distortionless design, in combination with a Floating System of internal lens elements, allows it to deliver high resolution performance at any magnification. With a maximum sensor size of up to 4/3" it is a great selection to use for any application using a large sensor format that needs a distortionless image.

  • 4/3" sensor support
  • 9 models available
  • Focal lengths 10 - 50mm
  • Distortionless
  • High Resolution
  • Floating System

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Distortionless and High Performance
Machine Vision Macro Lens with a floating system

What is floating system?

Normally lenses shift just a single group of elements internally when focusing. Having additional floating elements (see diagram) can significantly improve the close-focus performance, Due to the floating component being separate from the group of focusing lens elements, aberrations caused by lens extensions are significantly reduced. Macro lenses make exceptionally great use of this system because they cover a wide range of focus distances in a wide-angle.

ModelFocal Length (mm)Opti. Mag. RangeWD(mm) Working F/# TV Distortion Sensor Size (max.)FloatingDownloadRequest
VS-LLD1010(∞) 0.05x- 0.15x189.6-53.12.9-3.1-0.33% - -0.92%4/3"LoginQuote/Demo
VS-LLD12.512.5(∞) 0.05x- 0.2x232.0-40.92.5-2.70.33% - -0.40%4/3"LoginQuote/Demo
VS-LLD1515(∞) 0.05x- 0.2x285.2-56.82.1-2.3-0.14% - -0.64%4/3"LoginQuote/Demo
VS-LLD1818(∞) 0.05x- 0.25x347.0-53.82.1-2.3-0.28% - -0.49%4/3"LoginQuote/Demo
VS-LLD2020(∞) 0.05x- 0.25x386.4-61.82.1-2.3-0.10% - -0.30%4/3"LoginQuote/Demo
VS-LLD2525(∞) 0.05x- 0.3x493.0-66.02.1-2.5-0.13% - -0.24%4/3"LoginQuote/Demo
VS-LLD3030(∞) 0.05x- 0.3x595.3-93.12.2-2.7-0.08% - -0.04%4/3"LoginQuote/Demo
VS-LLD3535(∞) 0.05x- 0.3x706.6-129.52.2-3.0-0.15% - -0.10%4/3"LoginQuote/Demo
VS-LLD5050(∞) 0.05x- 0.3x1012.4-205.42.2-3.2-0.01% - -0.09%4/3"LoginQuote/Demo