List of products with theme “NIR/SWIR”

  • VS-THV-SWIR Series

    VS-THV-SWIR Series

    Telecentric Lenses for 1000nm ~ 1600nm SWIR Co-axial lighting

  • VS-H-IRC/11 Series

    VS-H-IRC/11 Series

    1.1" & 4K Support, IR-Corrected Fixed Focal Length Lenses Compatible with 12MP/2.74μm, 3 models of f12mm/f16mm/f25mm available

  • VS-H1-SWIR Series

    VS-H1-SWIR Series

    1" Support, SWIR Fixed Focal Length Lenses f6mm - f50mm, 7 models High transmittance of 900nm to 2000nm