Customer support

Based on selection of lenses under complex setting using lighting and camera, we perform verification/evaluation with actual product. We support our customers with the motto of “Quick Selection” and “Solution Provider”.

Demo sample loan

We have prepared a wide variety of demo lens ready to be loaned out. The lens selection for this free service will be based on the products we find best suits the customer’s usage requirement.

Demo sample loan

Demo sample loan flow

Demo sample loan flow

Testing room

Every office has its testing room equipped with lenses/lighting /cameras /image processing equipment to receive better validation from the users and offer our best proposals

Testing room

Testing room usage flow

Testing room usage flow


We operate “semi custom”, ” full custom “, and ”OEM supply” suitable for customer’s requirements. There are many more products developed in the past that are not listed in the catalog.

Customizing flow

Customizing  flow

Other supports

  • Exhibition


    Every year we participate in exhibitions held all around the world over a dozen times, introducing our latest product and technology.

  • Web membership service

    Web membership service

    Simple lens selection (calculation formula) and drawing/specifications can be downloaded through free membership registration.

  • Product Catalog

    Product Catalog

    We offer a free comprehensive product catalog

  • Seminar


    We hold seminars internally and externally on topics based on our wide range of knowledge on lenses, varying from basics to selection methods of lens.