Y33Z15R series<br>(15.2-500mm)
  • Surveillance Lenses
  • NIR Corrected Zoom Lenses

Y33Z15R series

Product Specs

  • 1/1.9" sensor
  • 33x Zoom
  • f = 15.2 - 500mm
  • F3.0
  • True NIR
  • Visible Cut Filter
  • Thermal Compensation System
  • OPTIONS: Serial Control Manual Override Iris Potentiometer
  • C-Mount
ModelIris TypeAuto FocusRC FocusPotentiometerDownloadRequestSelect
Y33Z15RMAFP8EVTRemote Iris Zoom & FocusLoginQuote/Demo
Y33Z15RAFP8EVTVideo IrisZoom & FocusLoginQuote/Demo
Y33Z15RAFDP8EVTDC IrisZoom & FocusLoginQuote/Demo
Y33Z15RMP8EVTRemote IrisZoom & FocusLoginQuote/Demo
Y33Z15RAP8EVTVideo IrisZoom & FocusLoginQuote/Demo
Y33Z15RADP8EVTDC IrisZoom & FocusLoginQuote/Demo

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