Press Release

VS-Technology releases the VS-THV-SWIR series, Telecentric Lenses for 1000nm ~ 1600nm SWIR

TOKYO – VS-Technology Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the VS-THV-SWIR series Telecentric Lenses for 1000nm-1600nm. This lens series is designed for the demands of SWIR cameras and applications that require SWIR lenses. This series has 4 times higher SWIR transmittance compared to visible range telecentric lenses. By taking advantage of the higher transmission, improvement to system takt time can be enabled.

・ 1.1” & 1” support             
・ Optical mag. 1.0x/1.5x/2.0x/3.0x/4.0x, 5 models
・ Adjustable DOF with the aperture control
・ Co-axial lighting

Applications that require SWIR include semiconductor and electronic inspection applications.


Model WDO/IOptical mag.Sensor size

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