VS-TLS Series

VS-TLS Series

Product Specs

  • NEW
  • 1/4"
  • 1/3"
  • 1/2"
  • 1/1.8"
  • 2/3"
  • 1"
  • 1.1"
  • 4/3"
  • φ21
  • φ28.6
  • φ35
  • φ45
  • φ62
  • φ73
  • φ83
  • φ90

Supports 12MP 1.1"
Front Unit - Rear Unit Reconfigurable Telecentric Lens

  • 3.45μm Resolution
  • 6 Models 0.029x~ 0.1x
  • Magnification can be changed by changing the rear unit
  • Fine tuning of WD is possible by the focus adjustment
  • Distortion-less Design
  • C-Mount
※VS-TLS300 and Rear Unit (007B・004B・003B) will be available around Sep, 2020.

3 Magnifiactions available by changing the combination of front and rear units

Changing the magnification is cost effective and easy to fine tune with the focus funcion

Rear Unit Model No.Front Unit Model No.Opt. Mag.TV DistortionWD (mm)O/I (mm)Sensor Size (Max.)DimensionDownloadRequestSelect
VS-TLS200-01BVS-TLS2000.10.06%3018251.1"φ205(max.)xL=506.5 mmLoginQuote/Demo
VS-TLS200-006BVS-TLS2000.0620.05% 3018252/3"φ205(max.)xL=506.5 mmLoginQuote/Demo
VS-TLS200-005BVS-TLS2000.050.04%3018251/1.8"φ205(max.)xL=506.5 mmLoginQuote/Demo
VS-TLS300-007BVS-TLS3000.067-0.03%50012501.1"φ300(max.)xL=732.5 mmAvailable around Sep, 2020LoginQuote/Demo
VS-TLS300-004BVS-TLS3000.0420.01%50012202/3"φ300(max.)xL=702.5 mmAvailable around Sep, 2020LoginQuote/Demo
VS-TLS300-003BVS-TLS3000.0290.01%50012001/2"φ300(max.)xL=682.5 mmAvailable around Sep, 2020LoginQuote/Demo

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