VLP series
  • Lighting
  • Controller / Power supply

VLP series

Product Specs

Digital Power Supply (RS-232C compliant)

  • 24V Digital power supply.
  • Non-over-drive strobe mode is available.
  • External control is available via RS232-C (Compliant).
  • Compact design.
  • Din-rail attachable.
  • RoHS compliant.

ON/OFF Control

TRIG. SW H Mode: Signal H (5-24V) ON / L (0V) OFF.
TRG. SW L Mode: Signal H(5-24V) OFF / L (0V) ON.

Intensity Control

INT: Control manualy by volume knob.
EXT: Remote control by external RS-232C compliant.

Strobe Control

NOR; The light are always ON.
STR: Strobe control (10 mode / 60us, 110us, 160us, 270us, 820us, 1.4ms, 6ms, 14ms, 28ms, 60ms).


Optional cable:
EXCB1-3: (external serial cable).
EXCB2-3 (external trigger cable).


VLP-2430-2 / VLP-2430-3 / VLP-2430-4 are discontinued. Please refer VLP-L series as an alternative models.


Model No.OutputInput VoltageExternal ControlIntensity ControlDownloadRequestSelect
VLP-2460-44CH / max. 60WAC100-240VRefer details on operation manualPWM (100KHz)LoginQuote/Demo

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